Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mt. Magazine

A couple of weeks ago, Toby was talking about Mt. Magazine State Park, and how he'd like to go there to visit. We decided to make a day trip to see the park, which has the highest point in Arkansas. We decided to go yesterday, and Toby's mom and dad went with us. We left the house about 9:00a, and Sophia was asleep before we got to Grandad's house. In fact, she pretty much slept the whole day! The drive was a very leisurely couple of hours. As it turns out, this weekend was the 12th annual Butterfly Festival at the park. We stopped at the visitor center, then went up to the Lodge to have lunch and look around. The views from the Lodge are quite beautiful.

The Loge at Mt. Magazine is really nice. We enjoyed our lunch in the restaurant and made a photo stop out front.

Since it was the Butterfly Festival weekend, we had to keep a lookout for some of the winged creatures. We managed to snap some shots of a couple of different butterflies.

To learn more about Mt. Magazine State Park, visit here!


LeAnn (Aunt Lanny) said...

Isn't my niece, Sophia, the cutest???

The Russian said...

My goodness she's grown! Looks like Toby very much. :-))

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would have to agree:) I'm so glad you made this blog so I can be better about keeping up with you guys. Is there a reminder to send me an email when you update the blog? Sign me up if there is a way. Sophia is so big. Oh my gosh, I've got to meet up with you to see her. Beautiful pictures. I'm glad to see you getting out of the house:) Love you and hope to see you soon! Kim Traylor

Slinkard Family said...

Thanks, all. Yes, she definitely looks like her daddy!